Church Marketing Tips from iStockPhoto

This is from Kent at Church Relevance:

Lesa Snider King, the chief evangelist of, recently shared an excellent tip with MinistryCOM on how to create an engaging postcard with stock photography:

You have precious few moments to grab someone’s attention, and the simplest way to do it is by using strong, effective imagery.

The next time you create an event postcard, spend less time on the text or copy, and more time on choosing an image that communicates what the event is all about. Pick something eye-catching, something powerful, and colorful. After all, if you can’t grab the person’s attention with your image, it’s unlikely they’ll read your copy!

Of course, this principle applies to any church marketing you do. Effective communication requires that you can first get the individual’s attention.


Today I fly to Indianapolis to speak at the National Church Music Conference. I’ll be doing a keynote address, 4 workshops, a panel and a hands-on tech lab. Pray for me.

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