Yesterday I heard a message on Jonah. I got to thinking how many think of the story of Jonah as a myth or a cute Sunday School story, but don’t really think Jonah was swallowed by a large fish.

The truth is the story of Jonah was written historically and referred to in both the Old Testament and New Testament (by Jesus Christ) as fact.

I love stories of old like Jonah, Noah and Elijah calling fire down. I believe them with all my heart and take them literally. They encourage me, guide and direct me as I study and reflect upon them.

Yes, I know there are parts of the Bible that are parables and several parts (such as in Daniel or Revelation) that are symbolic, but where the intent was to tell or share an historical event, I believe it.

I’ve blogged about our supernatural faith before HERE. We believe in a man (also fully God) Who was raised from the dead. If we can believe that Christ was raised from the dead, is it really so hard to believe other Bible stories like Jonah, Noah, Elijah and others? What do you believe?

Greg Atkinson


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