Flash Video Studio

I just read about this in Jake Ludington’s newsletter:

Relying on website visitors to have the correct video formats installed on their system mean many people won’t your video. Flash is the one video format almost everyone has installed on their system. And it works across Mac, Windows and Linux platforms. Flash Video Studio is a very easy and powerful tool to convert most video files into Flash. It converts most major video formats, including MPEG, QuickTime and Windows Media. Flash Video Studio offers custom conversion options at a lower price than any other alternative. Try Flash Video Studio today and post videos online anyone can watch. You can try it for FREE and then if you want, order it for $49.95.


In case you missed my mention of this the other day: WorshipHouse Media has launched their Thanksgiving and Christmas stores, where you’ll sure to find lots of great resources for the holiday season. Major props to WorshipHouse for being the first to launch their seasonal store.

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