I Was Attracted to Another Woman


Before you jump to conclusions, allow me to explain. A couple of months ago, my wife and I took my youngest child (Katie) to meet with her potential piano teacher. The piano teacher was a pastor’s wife and was the sweetest, most gentle and kind woman I’ve ever met. She was an excellent pianist and teacher, but she never bragged – she didn’t have one ounce of ego.

Her humility was so attractive to me (not in a sexual way) – in a fragrance of Christ kind of way. I guess because I struggle with pride and ego, I am more aware when someone gives off the opposite vibe. This woman was sincerely sweet and humble and she won me over. As we left, I told my wife that that was the most humble person I’d ever met and I absolutely wanted Katie to take lessons from her. Humility – Who knew it could be such an attractive and admiring quality? Let’s pray and practice humility. I’m working hard toward this goal.

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One thought on “I Was Attracted to Another Woman

  1. This is probably one of the most difficult things to develop, yet you are right, very attractive in another. Thanks for the follow….I pray that we will both be successful in this quest!