Today, I want to introduce you to something that is fascinating, different and hopefully stretch and challenge to really think outside the box. Take a look:

You can’t pastor people from afar! Wait … can you? Most churches say that Small Groups are very important and strategic to their growth. Yet, when push comes to shove … they saddle the “Youth Guy” or the “Admin Pastor” to coach/shepherd group(s) in their church. Then, that poor guy who is saddled with two jobs … walks around feeling guilty that he stinks at both jobs and isn’t getting to his group leaders like he needs to.

Sound familiar?

You are not alone. Tons and tons of churches around the US … need a scalable small groups pastor model that grows with the church based on need.

MAG now offers Virtual Groups Pastors (both male & female Virtual Groups Pastors) to churches that need a scalable model of handling/managing/coaching small group leaders at the local church level.

MAG Virtual Groups Pastors serve the local church & church leadership … by meeting (virtual/remote) with small group leader(s) on a consistent basis and reporting those experiences. MAG Virtual Groups Pastors report to the Lead Pastor of the church with reports and “download calls” so that the Lead Pastor can now get a deeper sense of what is really going on at the small group level. Additionally, MAG Virtual Groups Pastors are available (eMail, phone, & text) to your small group leader(s) anytime in a “one-off” format … for questions, concerns, and coaching. Need help with a small group leader orientation? Lack visibility at the small group level? Concerned your small group leaders are not being coached well?

Make small groups REALLY work in your church! For more information (format, pricing, experience, & etc) on this innovative virtual service … please fill out the CONTACT US form … and they will set up a time to chat with you in detail! This service works and they have churches all over the US using their MAG Virtual Groups Pastors in their churches.


Greg Atkinson


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