My Sunday Experience (Wk. 3 of Switching Over to EasyWorship)

The past couple of weeks I blogged about my church’s switch from PowerPoint to EasyWorship. Today was week 3. What was different about this week? I got to sit in the congregation with my wife! The person I trained last Sunday ran it all alone today and did just fine. The name really says it all – the software has a very low learning curve and most people pick it up within minutes.
In the Heavens
Of course, one of the main reasons (besides flexibility) that people switch from PowerPoint to a worship presentation software is the ability to put text over moving or looping backgrounds. Today, for example, we sang “God of Wonders” with the “In the Heavens” long play behind the lyrics. It looked amazing! No wonder it is the #1 motion at WorshipHouse.

Another thing that was cool today was my pastor, when he began to read Ezekiel 36 (about the dry bones) said, “Close your eyes and try to picture this.” Inside I was shouting “YES!”. Remember my blog on engaging the imagination in worship? He practiced this and it was quite effective.

Survey gift from WorshipHouse
I mentioned WorshipHouse Media earlier. Many of you know me from there, though I’m no longer the Director there. I still support their website and consider the whole team friends of mine. WorshipHouse is asking their customers to take a simple survey to help them better serve you. If you haven’t already, I’d encourage you to take it. It’s just 10 questions, every participant gets a $10 off promo code and the chance to win $250 in gift cards to places like Starbucks, iTunes, Amazon, Brinker restaurants, and WorshipHouse Media. Click HERE to take the survey and be entered to win.


Now, I must settle down and watch the big game: Cowboys vs. Redskins. My dilemma? I live in Dallas, but moved here from Washington DC. I like both teams! I guess it’s a win-win situation for me.

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