Yesterday was a wild, dramatic, memorable and life-altering day. My friend and fellow Bent Tree staff member Aaron Bensko (who is our Visual Arts Coordinator and I’ve blogged about his amazing work before) was put into the ICU, after being rushed to the hospital. 

Aaron had the flu and was at the doctor to get a shot. Apparently he passed out and when he fell, he crashed head first. He fractured his skull and had bleeding in his brain and out his ears. When I saw him in the ICU he knew me, but he looked rough and has a tough road ahead of him. 

I tell you this for a couple of reasons. To ask you to pray for Aaron and his family, but also to allow something like this to put things back in perspective – as it did for me. I, and my video intern, are working on editing video for Easter ’til late each night and will continue to for the next 2 weeks leading up to Easter. We, like many churches, are working crazy hours and running around like crazy getting ready for the big weekend. 

As I saw Aaron lying in the bed and realized that he was “out” for our Easter projects and plans (he was heading up one of our huge Easter projects that I now doubt we’ll be able to do), I quickly saw God putting things back in perspective. 

Friends, life is short and life is precious. I want to encourage you right now as you’re coming down the home stretch and feeling the strains, pains and stresses of Easter to put Christ and your relationship with him first. Remember your family and hug them. As I saw Aaron in the hospital bed, I couldn’t help but think that I would want my kids around me. So I went home and saw them for a while before heading back to the hospital again. 

I hope you have an amazing, impactful and wonderfully worshipful and creative Easter, but I urge you to keep all this in perspective and know that life is precious.

Greg Atkinson


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