Sweet Relief!

The much anticipated and highly stressful “first Sunday” in the new worship center is behind me now. What a day it was! We had an amazing time of worship in both morning services and celebrated God’s faithfulness to us. It was the 32nd anniversary of our church (I’m 32, too) and my 1 year anniversary of being at Bent Tree.

We had 5 on hand from Clark ProMedia, including 2 of their executives that flew in on Sunday just to be there for our first service. Word is they are going to use our worship center as a “show room” to demo and show other churches that are building – pretty cool.

I know many of you have asked for pics, so I had our Visual Arts Coordinator take some so you could get a sense of what yesterday was like (keep in mind that this is not our “Grand Opening” – that will be in May).

Looking down on front of stage:

Top view of stage
Side view of stage:
Side view of stage

Video Control Room:
Video control room

Closing Song – featuring real stories of lives changed:
Card people

* On another note: What a game last night! Wow.

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