American Idol

I started to title this return blog something like “Resurrection” or “I’m Back”, but I feel “American Idol” is more appropriate. You would not believe all God has been showing me while my laptop was in the shop for over a week.

Here I am, Mr. Church 2.0 and a tech guy and then my laptop crashes. The first couple of days I was mad – really mad, then I started figuring out what God was up to.

Don’t think God had anything to do with my computer crashing? I do and I have a story that I’ll share another day. For now, I’ve used up my “online time” catching up on emails.

This blog is something God has called me to do and something I take very seriously. Don’t worry – I’m not going anywhere, but I will be spending less time in-front of this screen at home. My God, my wife and my kids deserve more time from me. I get that – loud and clear.

More to come soon. Today I’m working on my classes that I’m teaching next week at the Moody Bible Pastors’ Conference in Chicago. I’d like to again thank my sponsor for this conference: EasyWorship.

And yes, there will be a Church 2.0 Local Forum in Chicago – We are officially booked now. Please join me this coming Wednesday from noon to 3pm at Park Community Church. Lunch will be provided for FREE. Spread the word!

Park Community Church
1001 N Crosby
Chicago, IL 60610.

Last night I attended my oldest daughter’s PTA meeting – the meeting part of it sucked. Really sucked! But it ended with getting to see my daughter sing and dance and I couldn’t have been more proud.


What inspires you? Different things inspire me – I look for inspiration from other churches, American Idol, The Grammys, concerts, conferences, things like Blue Man Group and KA in Vegas, etc. My friend, Pace, from Fellowship Church sent me THIS link to something they did this past Christmas. I was inspired. I was encouraged and I was proud that The Church is using it’s gifts and creativity again. Check it out!

Each Friday I check out the “Video of the Week” from my friend, Bill Seaver’s blog: MicroExplosion. This week’s video was on giving a presentation. I thought it was great and would love for all preachers/presenters to watch it.

PresenTired: “The Voicemail” from Scott Schwertly on Vimeo.