Coldplay Gets It

Yesterday I expressed my personal opinions about music, dynamics and letting a song build. I said that the quickest way to spot an amateur player is to see him playing the whole song. A real musician knows when to not play.

One of my favorite bands is Coldplay. Today I thought I’d show you Coldplay playing “Fix You” (one of my favorite songs) Live from Tokyo. In this video, notice the bass comes in at 0:51, the guitar comes in very lightly at around 1:20 and drums come in with a driving electric guitar at about 2:44 (like yesterday almost 3 minutes into the song!) . You’ll notice the drummer often has his arms crossed or his hands in his lap – again a sign of  a pro. Like yesterday, both bands also know when to drop out at the end. Enjoy!

I can’t embed it, but also check out the same song (“Fix You”) Live from Austin City Limits HERE.


Today I share with you what’s in my iTunes and iPod. Today’s comments are for you to share what you’re listening to these days. I’ve got 6 new CDs in the mix (yes, I still like to buy CDs – for now, anyways). What’s interesting is that 4 of the 6 CDs didn’t do the traditional, clear plastic CD covers – they did a cheaper, softer, paper CD holder (I wonder what the ratio of in-store CD sales to online/download sales is). Below is my fix for now. What are you listening to?