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Thursday I leave for Miami. I’ll be leading a Church 2.0 Local Forum there and can’t wait to meet so many new friends. If you are in South Florida or know someone that is, you/they can register HERE

Some have asked what goes on at these gatherings (this will be the 15th one I’ve led). The Church 2.0 Local Forum is a true unconference and is very informal/casual, but I’ll give you a little overview of what the day will look like. We’ll go from 10am to 2:30pm. 

  • First hour: We’ll discuss new media/technology – specifically Twitter and Facebook and how they can be used for ministry purposes. I’ll share 4 key realities of these new technologies. *** I’ve added a 4th since the last one.
  • Second hour: We’ll dive into a huge discussion on the topic of innovation. I’ll share 5 ways that innovation is born and what God is teaching me about innovation. 
  • We’ll then break for lunch and encourage people to go eat somewhere close by with someone they don’t know and get to know them over lunch.
  • The post-lunch part we’ll discuss social justice/what breaks my heart and the heart of God – as well as have time for Q & A.

Sponsors for Church 2.0 Miami are: