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I think a healthy quality for all leaders is being able to laugh at one’s self. This video has rubbed some people the wrong way, but I think it is a funny and deeper look at what we as the Church do each week. This video was created by the talented team at North Point Church – that obviously is able to laugh at themselves. Take a look at this video and see if it upsets you or if you’re able to relate and laugh? More after you watch it…

“Sunday’s Coming” Movie Trailer from North Point Media on Vimeo.

As one who travels the country each week visiting, secret shopping and consulting with various churches, I think I can appreciate this video more than most. This video reminds me of my secret shopper report and the things I rate and look for – it’s amazing how well they captured what I see at 95% of churches in America.

You would think that is a good thing, and I used to, until I heard Alan Hirsch speak at the Velocity Conference back in February. He rocked my world. Alan, in his keynote address, taught on how the contemporary church model that is prevalent in America can only “appeal” to 40% of Americans – NOTE: not reach 40%, but has the ability to appeal to 40%. Meaning 60% of Americans will need to be reached in some other way- some new, unconventional, innovative way.

This past Sunday, I was with my friends at Mosaic Nashville. They had heard Alan Hirsch speak years ago and were already living out this different model of church. For example, this Sunday, I worshiped “in the round” and people were given instruments and encouraged to play along. There was no band up front on the stage – they were in a circle in the middle of the worship space. They are exploring new ways of doing life, community and discipleship together as a fellowship of believers in Nashville.

Is this for everyone? No. Maybe God is calling you to appeal to the 40% with the model we see in the video. BUT – for some of you (and if you get this, it will be revolutionary), you may be called by God to go after the other 60% in new, different and unconventional ways – thought to be strange by others. More on this in my new book coming out next year!

Yesterday I spent the entire day helping produce the Catalyst OneDay Dallas at Bent Tree. Thankfully I didn’t have my hands too full that I couldn’t enjoy it as well.

I must say it is a huge blessing and gift to the Church to have men like Craig Groeschel and Andy Stanley share their wisdom and insights into leadership. There are less busy pastors that don’t give back, share and build the Church (capital “C”) like these 2 extremely busy men. 

The thing that stuck with me the most is something that resonates deep within me. I preach it. I write about it. I’ve done articles and workshops about “less is more”. My favorite phrase came from Craig, who said “You can reach more by doing less.”

Years ago I heard Andy Stanley teach on “the blessedness of subtraction”. He also said “no ministry has a forever shelf-life” and that stuck with me all these years. 

I wonder if we, as Church leaders, are doing too much. I wonder if we haven’t killed something that should have died long ago. I wonder (like in their last session) how many ugly couches we have in our churches.

Andy specificially mentioned and joked about handbells. I, having been a worship pastor a long time ago in a traditional Baptist church, can totally relate to that and got a good laugh. Personally, I think today’s “handbells” or “ugly couches” are most dramas. 

Hear me out – I don’t have anything against the art of acting, I just think most of it nowadays should be done in-front of a camera. Use your drama team for in-house video clips like Granger does. Find creative and innovative ways to present the art of drama. Unfortunately, most of what I’ve seen over the years is tired and in need of retirement. 

Your thoughts? I’m sure I upset someone. What are areas or ministries that have had a forever shelf-life in your organization that you wish would end?