What Magazines Do You Read?

Wired Mag

I’m curious as to what non-Christian magazines some of you read? I read a ton of ministry related worship, music and technology magazines, but I also read magazines like “Wired”, “Relevant”, “Front of House”, “Inc.”, “Paste” and “Fast Company”. What are some non-ministry related magazines that you dig and would recommend?


Kleenex box

Each Wednesday I write a column for Monday Morning Insight. This week I turned in the most passionate and dear to my heart article to date. I have been challenged and inspired by a TV commercial. You read right – a TV commercial. I think the Kleenex company, with their “let it out” campaign, has hit a homerun. So for my column, I wrote about how these TV commercials moved me and what I think the Church can learn from them. You can read the article HERE.

To see the US commercial click HERE.

To see the UK commercial click HERE.

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