When The Kids Go To Bed

Don’t worry: this is a G-rated blog. I was reflecting on what makes me smile these days and what I’ve used as a way to not go insane with all the craziness at church. It’s a special time that I look forward to each night. My wife and I started this months ago. Each night, after the kids go to bed, we pop in a DVD and watch various TV shows or movies together. It sounds simple, but it’s been a great stress reliever and is something we’re able to do together and just enjoy laughing together.

First we watched all 3 seasons of “Arrested Development”. I think that show has one of the greatest and most perfectly cast ensembles ever on television. Then we watched all the “Harry Potter” movies (because my wife had read the books, but never saw the movies). Then we watched all 3 “Lord of the Rings” (because my wife had read the books, but never saw the movies). Then we watched seasons 1-3 of “The Office” (gotta love Dwight!). Now we’ve gone back to Season One of “Lost” and have started working our way through each episode. We’re going to watch every episode of “Lost” and then I’m hoping I can get my wife hooked on my favorite show: “24”. I think if we start with Season One, she’ll get hooked!

The challenge of watching episodes on DVD is knowing when to go to bed. It’s so easy to say, “Let’s just watch one more.” Have you experienced that? I have to make myself stop and go to bed. What shows do you enjoy?


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