The Faithbook of Jesus by The Devotional Diva

Renee Johnson is a spirited speaker and writer to twenty-somethings. She graduated from Biola University and has had…

Renee Johnson is a spirited speaker and writer to twenty-somethings. She graduated from Biola University and has had the pleasure of working with the top nationally-known Christian speakers and writers at Outreach Events. Her devotional blog reaches hundreds of readers.

Renee’s mission in life is to spur others forward (Hebrews 10:24) using the lessons learned from her own trials to encourage others in their walk with God. Sign up for weekly devotionals at Learn more about Renee and her ministry at For more information on her book, go to the book website:

I had a chance to ask Renee some questions. Take a look:

  1. GREG: What led you to write this book? RENEE: When I read through new devotional books year after year I eventually ran out of relevant devotionals. There were the classics such as “My Utmost For His Highest” and “Streams in the Desert” and then the fluffy ones for teenagers or women (or men) only. I decided I had had enough and started to write my own. That was seven years ago and it took me that long to learn the publishing world and to find my voice as a writer!
  2. GREG: Why do you think 20-somethings in particular will benefit from reading this? RENEE: 20-somethings will especially benefit from reading “Faithbook of Jesus.” I surveyed over 300 plus 20-somethings and young adults and picked the best quotes for each daily devotional.
  3. GREG: Do you think this book is good for people of all ages? RENEE: “Faithbook of Jesus” can be read by people of all ages. However, it is the first devotional book written for men and women, ages 18-35! GREG: I’m in that target age group so I look forward to using it daily!
  4. GREG: Tell us a little more about your background in ministry. RENEE: I had the pleasure of working at Outreach for the past two years. I helped pastor’s plan Events and was able to represent amazing speakers such as Josh McDowell, Lee Strobel, and Kirk Cameron. For me to work at Outreach was a dream come true.
  5. FUN FACT FROM RENEE: My Literary Agency and NavPress found and discovered me on Twitter! For any individuals, pastor’s, or faith-based ministries wondering how to impact young people, social networking is definitely the way to go!

*** I encourage you to pick up your copy HERE.