Wisdom from Andy Stanley

Tim Stevens in his “Leading Smart” blog just listed Andy Stanley’s key points from their recent conference. I thought they were pretty interesting:

  • 1o Ways to Kill a Team
  1. Meet only when there is a crisis.
  2. Allow the strong personalities to dominate the discussion.
  3. Allow team decisions to be undermined by private meetings after the team meeting. Don’t you dare agree on something with your team, and then reverse it later. Your best team members will leave. Only the dysfunctional ones will stay.
  4. Have your mind made up before you get input from the team. This is hard, cause I never feel neutral about anything.
  5. Remain inflexible in the face of new information.
  6. Cut off debate.
  7. Don’t hold team members accountable for their assignments.
  8. Ignore the intangibles.
  9. Expect more of the team than you expect of yourself.
  10. Take individual credit for the accomplishments of the team.
  • Tips for Leading a Team Meeting
  1. Prepare.
  2. Pull members into the discussion.
  3. Don’t interrupt a debate…listen. Some of you are peacemakers and try to smooth everything over. This doesn’t help. Fan the flame of conflict. If you have great leaders on your team, they will be highly opinionated and very persuasive. You need to have an environment where things can be debated and you are fine with it.
  4. Don’t attempt to resolve tension–it won’t really be resolved.
  5. Don’t allow team members to interrupt each other.
  6. When you sense someone isn’t listening…only waiting to talk…address it.
  7. Keep the discussion focused.
  8. When a sensitive subject is going to be discussed, give those who may feel threatened a heads-up.
  9. Conclude with assignments.

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