Hello and Happy New Year! We had an amazing and very fruitful Christmas season at my campus. We saw a record attendance the Sunday before Christmas and another record attendance at our 3 Christmas Eve services. I took some much needed time off after Christmas and through New Years and will resume work this Sunday. I’m refreshed, fired up and ready to start the New Year.

We have a very busy season ahead of us at Forest Park Carthage as we prepare to move to our new location one month from today. I will be spending a TON of time up at our new building and moving stuff, furniture and equipment over from our current campus to our new campus. I’m praying through staff changes (my youth pastor just resigned) and the future of our campus as we gear up for what we believe will be the best year in our church’s 5 year history: 2013.

As for New Year resolutions, I posted this on Facebook:

Here’s my annual New Year’s Day resolutions:
1. Read my Bible more and grow closer to God
2. Be a better, more present and godly husband and father
3. Get healthy – work out at the gym and eat right
– That about does it. Here’s to 2013!

*What are your resolutions, goals and dreams for this New Year?

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