3 Weeks To Go

Supposedly, we have 2 Sundays left in our current worship center and will have our first service in our new worship center on Sunday, Feb. 3rd – that’s the plan. It could be the 10th, but we’re going full-steam ahead towards the 3rd. It’s getting pretty exciting walking through there these days. The video portion is pretty-much done. They began working on lighting today. Next week (for one entire week) they will tune the room. It’s madness and fun all at the same time. Your prayers would be appreciated.


I got some good emails and feedback on yesterday’s blog post. Apparently, I have some people that work for Microsoft and Apple that read my blog. The wars may not be over. Phil Cooke made a compelling argument for the wars ending, but the word on the street is that Microsoft and the porn industry might be going with HD DVD. Unfortunately, the porn industry pretty-much runs and determines the future of video – believe it or not. Regardless, I think we’ll be getting a Blu-Ray disc player.


Yesterday, I mentioned that Phil and I will be speaking at NRB and NAB. I forgot to mention that SermonSpice is sponsoring my classes at NRB and eleven72 and ProPresenter are sponsoring my classes at NAB.

Here’s my 2 cents: if you are in driving distance of Nashville, join me at NRB – they really are trying to make it more relevant for churches (that’s the reason I’m going to be there). If you can only choose one tech conference this year, try to shoot for NAB in Vegas. I’ve already heard of several friends going and am looking forward to hanging out with them there. I try to hang out in groups of people when I’m in Vegas. 🙂


If you are local to Dallas and can’t make it to NAB, I’ll be teaching the same 2 classes at the ECHO Conference in Dallas this summer.

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