7 Marketing Trends for '07

Robert Passikoff of Chief Marketer has seven branding and marketing trends for 2007:

  1. An ongoing emphasis on “engagement.”
  2. More reliance on consumer-generated content.
  3. More, more branded entertainment.
  4. Media planning will become more “touch point” focused.
  5. Using technology and engagement to better communicate with consumer expectations.
  6. Expanding the potential of Websites, blogs, and the digital world.
  7. Innovation and loyalty will matter more.

Kent from Church Relevance wrote a summary: 

To roughly sum up these trends into four rules, leading edge secular marketers will be focusing on:

  1. reaching people on more personal/relevant levels,
  2. creating mutual interaction and relationships when possible,
  3. integrating their organization’s branding/core values through every touch point they have with people,
  4. and using technology and creativity to reach people in more memorable and powerful ways.

The organizations, including churches, that will be able to follow these four rules will be more sought after and preferred over those who don’t.

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