A Classic Done With Excellence and Creativity

I’ve known Pastor Steven Furtick since he was in high school in South Carolina. He was a passionate leader in a local youth group when I was in college at Charleston Southern University. His church that he planted a few years ago has exploded to over 8000 people in worship.

Their band and worship music is amazing. Here’s a taste of how they opened their services this past weekend. Worship leaders: This is the kind of creativity and innovation I’m looking for. This is what I mean by breathing new life into an old hymn. Watch and enjoy! HERE is the link in case you having trouble viewing on my blog.

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3 thoughts on “A Classic Done With Excellence and Creativity

  1. OH MY!!!! That was so so good!!! The quality was top notch. The arrangement was amazing. The creativity was heard in the details. The passion was intense. God recieved all glory. There’s nothing much to say except this blows anything, ANYTHING, on MTV or VH1 or CMT, or even the Gospel channel out of the water. Wow. I’m sharing this with the world.

  2. This is definitely awesome! Great use of technology and I love how this starts and then once it breaks in to full band how they kept the melody the same pace but the drums really drive this hymn and make it. Love the voice as well! I'm guessing his voice is running through that keyboard? Thanks for the encouragement of this post. Fun to watch and implement. Hope all is well!