A NEW Bible Study For Your Worship Band

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I just came across and I dig the concept. Maybe one day I’ll create something like this for tech teams. Would you buy one? In the meantime, pass this on to your worship pastor. Here’s the summary:

AMPED Student Band Bible Study is designed to empower your youth/college worship band by taking them deep into the Word, while creating an atmosphere for discussion. AMPED ideally fits into a 30 minute time slot in your band’s weekly practice time. However, feel free to use it in whatever capacity works best for your team.

Volume 1 Study Topics:
(Each study topic contains 4 study sessions).

  • Unity in the Band: You rehearse and play together and are expected to lead people in worship. On top of that, you actually have to get along! Learn how to get and keep unity in your band.
  • Making it Big: The world defines success as money and fame. God has a different definition of what it means to truly make it big.
  • The Musician God Anoints: It’s easy to spot talent and put it on a stage. God has more requirements that just talent for the musician He sets apart to us for His service.
  • The Servant Musician: In a society that promotes a rock star mentality, it is difficult to lead worship with a servant’s heart. God desires his musicians to lead others through serving.

* Here’s a SAMPLE Bible Study.

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