A New Chapter

Yesterday we closed a chapter on our church’s history – it was our last Sunday in our current…

Last day in WC

Yesterday we closed a chapter on our church’s history – it was our last Sunday in our current worship center. Our church has been in that worship center for 10 years. They’ve seen it go from one service, to two, to three and then to four.

In each service yesterday we had an open mic where people could come up and share testimonies of what God had done in their lives while we were in that building. Each service was extremely special, emotional and sentimental. We gave God praise as each person shared their amazing story.

After the last service we had a big group of people stay after and help us move the remaining pieces of gear/equipment to the new building/worship center. I had a great sense of peace wash over me as we made trips to the new building – it was so exciting to leave the old and see the wonder on people’s faces as they saw the new. I think we were also all glad to be done with evening services – at least for a while.

Today starts “crazy week” – we have training, commissioning and rehearsals every night of the week, preparing for our first service in the new worship center. I’ll be at the church every day this week from about 8 or 9am until 10 or 11pm, so please forgive me if my blogs this week are short or lacking. I’ll be back to normal soon.

I’d really appreciate your prayers for myself and my tech team as they are swamped with newness and learning curves this week. From Monday night to Friday night they will be learning new everything: new FOH audio board, new monitor audio board, new lighting board, new cameras, new graphic computer/presentation software, new camera shaders and scope, new video switcher – new everything.

During the days this week we’ll be setting up the stage. Our visual arts team is putting together a huge new scene on the stage featuring our new logo (we are also doing a new branding campaign and launching a new logo all around the same time). I’ll post a picture of it once they are done with the new set. My crew will be setting up our new risers, including a rolling drum and percussion riser that we ordered for the new stage. We also got a new DW house drum kit that we’ve got to set up this week (we gave our youth band our old house kit to use in the new gym).

I’ll be uploading media/backgrounds on our new EasyWorship computer. I think we finally figured out the issues we were having with getting it to work with our HD system – that will be another blog for another day. Again, lots of stuff ahead of me this week. Your prayers would be wonderful. More later!

Thanks to those of you that emailed me after my “Rest Day” post. I really do appreciate your prayers and support. My body/immune system totally crashed on Friday. My “rest day” turned into a doctor day. I had been putting up with a soar throat for the last month. I went to the doctor on Friday and found out I had an upper respiratory infection. I’m now on 2 antibiotics and should be feeling better soon. Pray for strength, stamina and health this week!