A New Season For Tim Eason

Below is a press release from my friend, Tim Eason: After thirteen years of service, Tim Eason of…

Below is a press release from my friend, Tim Eason:

After thirteen years of service, Tim Eason of ChurchMedia.net has announced his official retirement from the media ministry field. It’s been a great experience and I’ve worked with some great people. Some of the relationships I’ve developed have stood the test of time and I expect that they will continue as I open another chapter of my life. When I started my company in 1995 I never imagined that ChurchMedia.net would become a staple in the media ministry world. I simply wanted to help other churches to use this powerful form of communication to teach God’s Word.

Now that I feel God calling me another direction, I’m so thankful that the ministry I set out to do will continue in the hands of people that I trust to take it to the next level, Eason said.

Tim Eason’s activity level in his ministry decreased as he encountered numerous health problems. This made it harder for him to travel and even work at home. My physical problems and resulting emotional difficulties have made it hard to do my job. I faced the inevitable possibility that CMN would eventually die without me being able to give it my full attention. Rather than let that happen, I felt that it was time to pass the torch over to someone with more time and energy.

I felt strongly that CMN should go to someone familiar with the community and not just ‘some company’ with good intentions. When the possibility of selling the company to Phil and Dan came up, I felt a total peace about the whole thing.

I’m not completely sure about what God has planned for my next step. I’ll revisit my musical background and write some new music. I’ll also be expanding my favorite pastime, watching movies and TV, by writing reviews on the shows I watch. I’m sure I will dabble in content creation and will still be available for some private consultations.

Ultimately I’ll be looking at how I can incorporate my health-related experiences into a format that can help others suffering from physical and emotional problems. I hope to turn my trials into a new ministry. My exploration into the next chapter of my life can be followed at www.timeason.com.

Long before I started speaking and writing on media ministry, I looked to Tim and learned from him. Tim was a true pioneer in media ministry and God only knows how big his impact has been and will be. I thank God for him, his ministry, his speaking and writing, his website and how God used him to grow the area of ministry that is so close to my heart and many of yours. I encourage you to keep an eye on him, his new website and new ministry. I don’t think God is through with him, yet!