A2 Conference

A2 Conference
I’ll admit it: I’m a conference junky. From speaking at several conferences to going as an attendee, I get to experience a lot of conferences. Today I leave to speak at the MinistryCOM National Conference in Phoenix.

I want to make sure you’re aware of the A2 Conference which takes place Oct. 25-27. This looks like one of the most innovative and practical conferences I’ve seen in a while. I’m thrilled to see that Craig Groeschel, founding and senior pastor of LifeChurch.tv is going to be there! LifeChurch.tv, in my opinion, is the fastest growing and most innovative church in the country, yet many of you may have never heard of them. LifeChurch.tv is only 10 years old, yet see over 17,000 people in 30 weekly worship experiences at 7 locations. Why have so many not heard of this amazing church? I’m not sure why, but they really fly low under the radar. This is the first conference I’ve ever seen announce that Craig is one of the featured speakers.

Want to find out more about LifeChurch.tv? I blogged about them twice. Once on their open source resource and once after my 2nd time visiting there. I’ll move on from LifeChurch.tv and Craig Groeschel. FYI – Matthew Barnett from The Dream Center will be speaking, too!
This blog is to tell you about the A2 Conference, which is being held at Willow Creek. Notice I said, “held”. On the conference website, they have a statement which I’ll type in for you: “A2 is a conference sponsored by the Willow Creek Association, but it’s not about Willow Creek Community Church…A2 is focused on five innovative church ministries, and showcasing them in a format that helps every church understand deeper issues and transferable principles.”

Check it out and if you can, GO!

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