An Unfortgettable Secret Shopper Visit

Sorry for not blogging yesterday. I had a full Sunday and didn’t have time to blog Sunday night. I had an unfortgettable secret shopper/mystery worshipper visit this past Sunday. The church I went to had a lot of storms and rain in the area and had their power knocked out.

It’s amazing all that you can learn about a church when they are under pressure. I have never been so proud of a church as I was this past Sunday. I was blown away and thrilled to see a staff and volunteers rally together to pull off their services with generators and a lot of heart.

I’m actually going to return in 2 weeks for a “normal” service, but I saw a lot of good in this first, unique visit and I’m glad to see that God still moves – even when the power is out. Can I get an Amen?

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