Yesterday we had an awesome time of worship at my church. We started with a moment of silence and prayer time for the people of the massacre in CT. We’re in our Party series and did a couple of Christmas songs off the North Point Christmas album. We then went into our message. After the message we had the band come up and lead in the song “Awakening” from Passion. It’s a song that I love (and an album I love), but we had never done it before. Our Worship Pastor, Matt Rector, read through our Lead Pastor’s manuscript and God laid that song on his heart. It was the perfect follow up to our pastor’s message and challenge. I then came up after the song and led in a response time where I challenged people to seek me out and meet with me if they had questions about God or their faith. After the response, as usual, we closed with two worship songs and allowed people to go to our Communion stations and take Communion. The two response songs were “Always” by Kristian Stanfill and “Your Love Never Fails” by Jesus Culture. It was a great day. What happened at your church yesterday? How many of you mentioned the shooting or took time out to pray or have a moment of silence?

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