Jack Is Back!


Jack is back and I’m loving it! Last night was the return of my favorite TV show 24. My ONLY complaint was the amount of commercials. I think they went to a commercial every 3 minutes. Regardless, Jack has a gun again and the world will soon be safe. I can’t wait for tonight’s continuation of the 2 night premiere.


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FaithVisuals just recently posted their “Best Of” lists and I thought I’d share them with you. FaithVisuals is the new media resource company that’s a daughter company of Christianity Today. I’m one of their regular writers/contributers, so I encourage you to explore what they have to offer. To read their 2006 Editors’ Choice Awards just click on the link. To see their Top 10 Videos of 2006, click on that link.

Anyone check out the SlingCatcher? What’s the word on the streeet? I think it’s worth giving a hard look at.

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