Blank Screens and eleven72

My article this week on Monday Morning Insight is entitled “When the Screens Go Black”. I think you’ll…

My article this week on Monday Morning Insight is entitled “When the Screens Go Black”. I think you’ll enjoy it. You can read it HERE.


Yesterday and I got to meet and hang out with Lee and Storme from eleven72. I reviewed their new Programming Packs a while back on my blog and on one of our podcasts. I’ll be reviewing their latest additions to the Programming Packs series in the very near future.

These guys are very cool, have great hearts and truly desire to reach people through media. I really enjoyed our time together and look forward to seeing some of their future projects come to fruition – they’re just getting started!


CW Workshop

The MO Guys may be coming to your region soon. If you’ve ever seen an excruciating PowerPoint presentation in worship then you know hardware and creativity are different things. The real story in worship now is not the use of screens, but how screens and other forms of media come together to illuminate powerful experiences of God.

Experience a refreshing look at worship with the minds behind Midnight Oil Productions. My friends, Len Wilson and Jason Moore’s newly redesigned Creative Worship workshop, based on their many books, will both inspire and inform. Here are the cities and dates:

Feb 3 — Boise ID
Feb 10 — Atlanta GA
Feb 17 — Orlando at NRB
Feb 19-21 — Kansas City at M7 Nazarene
Mar 24 — New Hampshire
Apr 27-28 — Baltimore MD
Sept 07 — Richmond VA
Oct 25-27 — Denver CO

Moore and Wilson are frequent seminar leaders and have spoken to thousands of church leaders in the last decade on harnessing digital
media for ministry. Their newest book is Design Matters: Creating Powerful Imagery for Worship (Abingdon Press, 2006). They have authored
Digital Storytellers: The Art of Communicating the Gospel in Worship (Abingdon, 2002) and The Wired Church: Making Media Ministry (Abingdon,1999). Next up is a book tentatively titled Taking Flight: Worship Design Teams That Work.

Registration is through the Midnight Oil website. There are discounts for groups. Basic fee structure is: $99 (one), $79 each (2-4), and $59
each (5 or more). Early bird discounts may be available. To register for the event go to their secure store HERE.