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A while back I mentioned that I’m a member of a blogger network that reviews new products for…

5 Lies

A while back I mentioned that I’m a member of a blogger network that reviews new products for companies. Last time I reviewed a new LifeWay product. Today I’m reviewing the Chip Ingram DVD series “Five Lies That Ruin Relationships – Wrong Beliefs Produce Wrong Behavior”.

The “Five Lies” resource provides insight from James 4 & 5 that addresses five lies that can hurt relationships with people we love:

Lie 1: Sensual pleasure will satisfy my inner longings for happiness.

Lie 2: If other people would shape up, my life would work out.

Lie 3: Upwardly mobile work opportunities are automatically the will of God.

Lie 4: My significance and value are measured by the quality and quantity of the things I possess.

Lie 5: The grass is greener on the other side of the fence.

In this 10-part DVD series centered in the book of James, Chip defines the 5 most common lies that have the potential to ruin relationships with those we love. He uncovers the source of quarreling, how our words wound, how not to make decisions, and why better things don’t always make things better.


Chip Ingram is a great communicator. I always enjoy sitting under his teaching. This study is powerful and could be life-changing. The DVDs give a good visual support to a solid Bible study – they also include small group curriculum samples. The workbook is very well put together, looks sharp and has some nice features such as “Video Notes” and “Discussion Questions”.


I think Chip’s messages could have been filmed better and more professionally. They aren’t horrible, but I would have liked to see them be a little better quality.


This product is insightful, solid and a great choice for your small group or Bible study to study together.


Tonight we have the 2nd installment of Tech team training. Tonight we’ll be training our camera operators (current and new ones).