Bluefish Who?

Bluefish who?

I realize many of you know BluefishTV. I use that title to call attention to a new promo video that they did to promote their ministry. I live in Dallas, TX, which is where BluefishTV is based. I’ve known of their company for a while and have shown several of their videos in my workshops. Today, I thought I’d finally go over for a visit and meet the people behind the company. I was given the grand tour and got to go to lunch and spend some time with Justin, who has a great heart for ministry and a passion to see Bluefish be a resource to small churches.

Bluefish’s quote: “We are a team that is passionate about Christ and that loves to support the local church. We feel that Christian video will continue to play a larger role as volunteer teachers and church leaders look for creative ways to engage their audience.”

QUESTION: What do BluefishTV and iTunes have in common?
ANSWER: They both have downloadable videos for $1.99.

1.99 download
Say what??? You read right – all downloadable videos are just $1.99!

Storytellers graphic
*** Of special note is their new series “Storytellers” – which I love. My favorite video is from the Noah series with guest speaker, Chris Seay, pastor of Ecclesia Church in Houston, TX. We actually used this video clip at my church about a month ago.

Cool company. Cool people. I’ll be blogging about them more in the future.

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