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Reading – I love it. I feel we should all be constant learners and stretch our minds as…

Reading – I love it. I feel we should all be constant learners and stretch our minds as much as possible. I love to read and usually am reading multiple books at the same time (some I’m just starting, some I’m halfway through, some I’m almost finished, etc.). Right now my reading pile is heavy, due to books that people have been sending me to read and review.

Not too long ago, I was sent Mark Batterson’s book “In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day” – that book is challenging and inspiring and I’m glad to say I’m halfway through that. Before that I got Terry Storch’s manuscript for “The Blogging Church“. Great book. I’ll do a longer review in the near future. Around the same time as Batterson’s book, I was sent Craig Groeschel’s “Confessions of a Pastor“. I’m just starting it, but I can tell we’re on the same wave-length and this will be a great read. (All 3 books can be found in the column over to the left)

Last week I was sent Phil Cooke’s 2 new books. One is entitled “Creative Christian Media: Secrets of Successful Media Ministry“, the other is entitled “Successful Christian Television“. I started reading his “Creative Christian Media” book and am really enjoying it. I look forward to seeing Phil in a few weeks at NRB/Reach.

This week I received Dave Ferguson’s new book, “The Big Idea” (also in the column over to the left). Dave is the pastor of Community Christian Church which I’ve blogged about before – they are the ones that did the Mac vs. PC parody videos. I love Dave’s heart, his blog and can’t wait to start reading his new book. I’ll write a review about it as soon as I finish it. In the meantime, I can go ahead and safely encourage you to get it – it will be worth your while.

The next book review, which I’m doing for Church Marketing Sucks, is on Jason Moore and Len Wilson’s newest book “Design Matters“. I’ve had this book since it was in manuscript form, but am just now getting around to writing a proper review for it. I recommend that all Church staff read this book. It’s great for those that work in design and communications, but is a wonderful resource to educate and enlighten pastors and worship leaders as to what is good design and what goes in to creating quality visuals.

*Here’s some insider news: Besides loving to read, as you know, I love to write. I’m working on my first book. More info on that in the future.

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