BUG Conference


Monday, July 13th (at Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, AL) I’ll be speaking at the BUG Conference. This is a first of its kind event for you to get hands-on training for how to use social media and social networking in your ministry setting.

Also speaking at BUG are Maurilio Amorim, Shaun King, Jeff Murphy, Lynse Leanne Stevens, Michael Trent and Guy Walker. 

BUG is put on by ARC (Association of Related Churches)  – an organization that I’m growing to love and appreciate for their Kingdom heart and passion for church planting. I’m, personally, starting to do more and more with ARC and encourage you to check them out. 

BUG is a day you can learn about church marketing.  BUG is focused on identifying, exploring and developing current trends in marketing.  Come learn how ARC pastors are reaching more people than ever before through LOW COST , high impact VIRAL MARKETING.

Our goal is to educate, enhance, and enable pastors to reach their local community through social media.

I hope you’ll come join me at this new conference. You can register HERE.

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