I’ve been serving my church (as Campus Pastor at a multi-site church) for almost a year and a…

I’ve been serving my church (as Campus Pastor at a multi-site church) for almost a year and a half now. About a year ago I met with our Lead Pastor and shared with him this strange feeling and awareness that I had been experiencing. The only way I know to describe it is to call it a “burden.” Many of you that have followed my blog and journey through ministry over the years knew me as a worship pastor, then Director of Worship House Media, then Tech Pastor, then social media guy, then consultant. I finally found my God-given fit and calling as a Campus Pastor at a multi-site church.

Many things are different for me in this role (overseeing an entire campus/congregation) than in previous roles on church staffs. I’ve always laid awake at night with ideas, innovations, strategy and thoughts on how to do my job better, but now it’s different. I lay awake and have people’s names and faces running through my mind and heart. I pray for God to save my city. I pray for God to allow us to be a strong light in a dark world. I pray for God to change lives and hearts. I pray for the lost (a lot). I pray for God to introduce me to more people that don’t know Him. I pray for God to give me wisdom, guidance and humility.

But beyond the late nights, I constantly carry around a huge burden in my heart – a longing for our church to make a difference in our community. To live a life of significance and to share the good news of the Gospel with as many people as I possibly can.

Please know I’ve always cared for the lost and tried to evangelize throughout my entire career. I’m not putting down any other positions or roles in the church. I’m simply acknowledging that this is different and I never experienced it until I was an overseer and leader of an entire congregation. I shared this new reality in my life and heart with my Lead Pastor about a year ago and he smiled back at me and said “God’s given you a pastor’s heart. You feel what I feel.”

I don’t know why I share this today and who this will resonate with, but I simply want to say that I love my city and I love my church. This is not a stepping block for me. We’re in the process of buying our home and we’re planting roots. I’m investing my life here in Missouri and I’m passionate about God’s Kingdom work in this area. I pray the same for you and your region of the country.