Today I have a meeting with a church planter/pastor friend of mine that was recently diagnosed with cancer. Actually, there are a lot of pastors here in the Dallas area that have recently been diagnosed with cancer, including Andy McQuitty at Irving Bible Church and Jack Graham at Prestonwood. I list them so you can pray for them.

At home each night, we (my kids and I) are also praying for a family friend and wife of ARC’s president, Billy Hornsby. Why do I bring this up? Because I’m amazed at all the people I keep coming across with cancer and at the same time I stand convinced that God is sovereign, all-powerful and able to heal.

Would you join me in praying for healing of these with cancer? My friend that I’m meeting with today is named Ted. I’m sure he would appreciate your prayers, too. God can do it. Do you believe it?

If you know of someone with cancer that we can pray for, please list them in a comment. Thanks!

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