A Video Illustration of Sin and Forgiveness

The following was the last video project I did with the other campus pastors at Forest Park. I really enjoyed working with our team.

Forest Park – Jesus and Sinner Illustration from Forest Park on Vimeo.

The March of the Unqualified

For years, the video below has been one of my favorite videos (now I really know why it resonates). This video is by Igniter Media and we recently played it at my church. Hats off to my friend, Trent Armstrong, for his amazing work on this video. After all these years, it still moves me. I love it and I hope it encourages you today. It encourages me!

Update on Break from Technology by Greg Atkinson

Watch this video friends. I’m enjoying my break and new content is coming soon. Take a look.

The Awe, Joy and Wonder of a Surprise Wedding

I try to share a powerful or interesting or funny video each Friday. Today I want to share this video of my friend @RyanLeak, who pulled off the unthinkable – a surprise wedding. I was filled with so many emotions as I watched this video. Joy, happiness, wonder, awe, amazement, and spiritual thoughts like what must Christ be thinking as He prepares our Wedding Feast in Heaven. What a day that will be! Enjoy this behind-the-scenes look at one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

Have You Heard of CMG?

Screen Shot 2013-08-18 at 7.37.24 PM

We use CMG or Church Motion Graphics at our church. I met the owner Jeff via social media and then in-person while speaking at a conference up in his neck of the wood (Canada). I got him connected with our worship pastor, Matt Rector. This is Matt’s review of their resources:

If you work for a church on a tight budget, like me, I am sure you have run into this dilemma more than once.  I reached a point where I wore out my motion background library.  I felt like I was gonna tear my eyeballs out if I had to see the same stale loops again.  So where do I turn?  I could reach to a pay-per-download service.  I could go with a free resource that is a total grab-bag.  Or I could go with a brand new service I learned about earlier this summer when I traveled to speak at a conference in Canada.

The resource I speak of is called Church Motion Graphics.  I was wondering through the exhibitor hall and ran into a guy named Jeff McIntosh.  Behind him, I saw a screen leaping to life with slick, colorful, and diverse graphics.  I was quite impressed by what I saw, so I began to ask about CMG and what Jeff’s service was all about.  Jeff explained to me that he was a designer who wanted to create an easy, affordable, high quality worship media service that anyone could use for a cheap monthly rate.  As I looked at his demo reel, I was thinking “for something this nice, you’ve gotta be charging $20-$30 per month at least.  That’s not so affordable in my book.”

Then Jeff hits me with the jaw-dropper… his service costs $10/month!  I was pretty surprised.  After our conversation ended and we got back home, I decided to give this service a try.  Here’s what I got…

  • an email link on the first of each month with directions to download the newest set of media.  That’s right… new media every month, not just a subscription to a library!
  • each month’s package includes several really cool motion backgrounds (for August 2013, I got 9 awesome backs), available in 720p or 1080p in either PC or MAC compatible formats.
  • among these backgrounds, you get some title graphics slides that match this month’s theme… things like “welcome”, “events”, even seasonal messages.  In the August 2013 pack I got four title/message backs and 2 special videos exalting the many names of God.

So now, I know you are asking… “Matt, for $10 a month, how good can this stuff be?”  Let me tell you, for the most part this media is excellent.  They range from bright, fun, and energetic to slower, subtle, and more worshipful.  Jeff is trying a lot of different ideas out and every once in a while I will come across something that doesn’t blow me away.  However, I totally applaud him for trying out new things.

We have been using CMG for three months, and it has truly been a great experience.  Our visual experience gets a facelift every month!  I look forward to that email so I can see what new goodies I get to play with. It’s like Christmas comes the first of each month, just with less births of the Savior and more presents.

The icing on the cake is the additional free resources available through the site.  Jeff has a great blog with lots of tips regarding the implementation of media in worship experiences.  In fact, he is about to release an e-book called the Worship Media Handbook.  I have great confidence using this resource because Jeff has tons of experience in this field and is willing to answer any question or solve any issue that may arise.

So, after checking out this service and product, I can’t encourage you strongly enough!  Check out Church Motion Graphics! They have a great website with some great examples of their work.  They have other packages besides the $10/month if you are interested in the back catalog of media.  Overall, they are a great team and a really cool resource for any church that is trying to make every dollar count.

This Needs to Be Said

This is a Public Service Announcement and it needs to be said. Please excuse the two cuss words. The rest of the video is genius. Thanks to Phil Cooke for exposing me to this.

Father’s Day Resources

We’re showing a video this Sunday at my church (like we did on Mother’s Day). On Mother’s Day, we showed the video from Skit Guys. I love the Father’s Day video from Skit Guys, but we thought it was too similar to the Mother’s Day one. So, we’re going to show Hard to Say by my friends at Igniter Media. It’s a great video featuring my friend, Trent. Take a look:


What are you doing at your church?