Stock Up On Organic Videos Backgrounds

Organic ad

This just in from SermonSpice: 25% Off Organic Videos: Organic is your source for distinctive backgrounds and one of my favorite producers of motion backgrounds. If you are looking to create a worship environment that communicates the power of the cross in a unique way, check out the Organic Collection. The new Liquid Distressed Collection features textured backgrounds with subtle water motions that will add a touch of motion without distracting worshipers. Right now, the entire Organic Collection of over 800 motion backgrounds is 25% off. Use the coupon code: 25ORG and stock up today. Offer ends November 12th.


Did anyone catch MuteMath rock Conan O’Brian’s show Wednesday night?


I just got back from taking my 2 youngest kids to play Putt-Putt. My middle child is a 5 year old boy and my youngest is a 3 year old girl. My boy got 4 holes-in-one. Watch out Tiger!


TechMission has just launched as a Web portal for the Urban Ministry world. Some of the sections you may be interested in include:

* UrbanMinistry Blogs: including some of the top syndicated Blogs of Urban Ministry leaders.
* Sermon Videos & MP3s including John Perkins, Jim Wallis, Noel Castellanos, Wayne Gordon, Ray Backke, Effrim Smith and Martin Luther King Jr.
* Gospelpedia: similar to Wikipedia but covering youth ministry, addiction recovery, technology and ministry and volunteer management.
* Conference Materials: including over 100 keynote talks and workshops from CCDA, Kingdomworks and Compassionworks/YouthPartnersNet (coming soon).
* Local Volunteer Opportunities: including over 1,500 volunteer opportunities from nearly 900 organizations. National partners on this site include: CCDA, UYWI, YouthPartnersNet, HLIC, Salvation Army and AGRM.
* Online Courses
* Account Registration (FREE)


Cory Miller (from Church Communications Pro – and is also a part of my book) is offering people a coupon code to get Granger’s Church Communications Form Bundle for FREE. I have it and it’s great! You can get it HERE.


Yesterday, WorshipHouse Media launched their Thanksgiving and Christmas seasonal stores. Check them out for the best in seasonal media (new for this year and good stuff from earlier years).

Highway Video Crazy Sale

Highway sale

Highway Video is having a “Back to School” DVD Sale!

There are only 3 days left to save BIG on sermon & worship DVDs! Only $25 through Sunday!

The fall season is almost upon us, and the busy season is definitely ramping up. Highway thought they’d help you get ahead of the crunch. All of their DVDs and Christmas DVDs are only $25 through Sunday!

* Highway Video DVD Volumes ————— $25.00 each (regularly $75.00)

* Vibe Video DVD Volumes ——————- $25.00 each (regularly $75.00)

* Elements Volumes ————————– $35.00 each (regularly $112.50)

Each Highway and Vibe DVD comes with FIVE great videos. That’s only $5 per video! That’s right! Change hard drives or change computers and these babies will still be on your shelf, ready to use! Element Volumes come with at least 20 video clips. (That’s just a little over a buck per video!) Stock up for Christmas. Stock up for Easter. Highway is making it easy and inexpensive to get ahead in your planning and stock up your church’s media library.


I’m writing an article about my Top Ten media producers/filmmakers. Highway is definitely in my Top Ten. This is a great opportunity to acquire all their content.


Spend over $50 at Igniter Media or WorshipHouse Media and receive a FREE year subscription to Collide Magazine!

Nashville Recap

I’m back in good ‘ol Dallas (’till I fly to Atlanta tomorrow). Hopefully I’ll get to go to 7:22 tomorrow night at North Point. My worship pastor and I will be meeting with Clark ProMedia to go over our equipment list for our new worship center. It will be two days of meetings, then I’ll finally be back in Dallas for a while. I think the next thing I have on my calendar is Catalyst. I’m taking a break from conferences/traveling.

Loveless Cafe
Nashville was great. I arrived Tuesday night and had dinner with Wayne (our church’s band director who was also in Nashville) and Gersh (formerly of WhiteHeart) – who Wayne was spending the week with. Gersh (who has written 20 #1 songs) works with churches and worship leaders, as well as writing, arranging and producing for a living in Nashville. I didn’t plan on it, but I ended up spending all day Wednesday with Wayne and Gersh. We started off the day eating brunch at the famous Loveless Cafe, which was amazing (see above).

Wednesday night, I took Wayne to see the legendary Wooten brothers, who play every Wednesday night in Nashville. This was my 5th time seeing them and I was as amazed as ever. I think Wayne was blown away, too. I met up with my best friend, Thomas Rose (worship leader at Mosaic Nashville) and followed him back to his new house, where I stayed the rest of the week.

Thursday, Thomas and I hung out at Rocketown (where Thomas also works) – Rocketown is a youth community center/skate park/concert venue founded by Michael W. Smith. Later that afternoon we went to a strategic planning meeting for Rocketown, which was held at one of the board members’ home (the owner of Purity milk and ice cream). I sat two chairs down from Michael W. Smith, who was listening to stories from teenagers that had been impacted by Rocketown’s ministry.

MS Express
Friday, Thomas and I stopped by MediaShout to say “hello” and get a demo of their brand new MediaShout V3 Express. It was great to meet some new folks at MediaShout, as well as talk for a while with my friend, Paul Jackson, President of MediaShout. MediaShout Express is going to be an answer to prayer to many, many people. Every conference I do, I come across people that would love to leave PowerPoint, but can’t afford to pay $399 for something like MediaShout, EasyWorship or ProPresenter.
MediaShout Express is on sale for $199 – that’s right ONE ninety-nine. Express has all the main features of the full version (and is upgradable, if you want to go to the full version down the road), including text over motion backgrounds, a song database, Scripture, sample media and more. The retail price is $229 – tell them Greg said you could get it for $199. If you’re ready to take the next step, leave PowerPoint and start using a presentation software designed for worship, then this is definitely worth checking out.

Greg and MSW

Friday night we went to the Nashville Sounds baseball game (minor league team), where it was “Faith Night”. Rocketown was there in full force – with their skaters and bikers putting on a show outside the gates, plus one of Smitty’s new bands (from Rocketown Records) playing music – as well as Michael himself singing a song. Michael also sang the National Anthem and threw out the first pitch. It was great exposure for Rocketown. The B-Boys (a dance group from Rocketown that my friend, Thomas, oversees) danced on top of the dugouts in-between innings.

Saturday night, we got to visit’s campus in North Nashville (Hendersonville). I’ve blogged about many times, but had never been to this campus (they have 11). Thank you to Andrew and Charles, who invited me via this blog’s comments. Andrew is the campus pastor at the Hendersonville campus (read his words HERE). Charles works for MediaShout and is a part of their tech team at the church. was on week one of their new series “30 Days to Live” – it was very moving and powerful. I love the move and work of God that I experience each time I visit one of their campuses. I’d encourage you to check out the service online. ALSO – don’t forget that you can use ALL their resources for each series for FREE via their Open website.

Sunday, I worshiped at Mosaic Nashville, where my friend Thomas leads worship. This was their second week in their new location (which is really cool). I had a great time there and then hit the road to head back to Big D.

I got back in time to see my kids last night. I’m hanging with the family all day today and then catching a 6:30 AM flight to Atlanta to begin the 2 day meeting. I’m not bringing my laptop with me, so I’ll blog again on Thursday.

Igniter Backs 03

Igniter Back  03

TODAY is THE day to order your copy of Igniter Backs 03. It’s inevitable – you’re going to order it anyway. BUT, today and today only, you get a FREE Igniter t-shirt with your order (you choose size and style). Igniter is excited about this release and feels like the IgniterBacks on this volume are the most usable yet. First, they are offering each Countdown and Loop in 4 formats (including two HD formats). They have also done a better job of making sure the media on all three discs compliment each other well. For instance, if you see a motion loop you like, chances are there are a couple other loops similar as well as a countdown and some stills. That way, you can program your whole service with the same theme or ‘look’.

By the way, they’ll still throw in the Starbucks card (you get one for spending over $20 in the store on shippable items).


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: IgniterBacks 01 and 02 are essential tools for every church’s media library. I’ve got ’em, I use ’em and I HIGHLY recommend them. IgniterBacks 03 is an improvement upon an already top quality product. I urge you to get your order in today. If you don’t have any of the volumes, get with it!


Please know that I understand many of you don’t have media budgets to order from. I know many of you pay for resources out of your own pocket. For those of you in this category, you have to be even more discerning and really be choosy about what you purchase. IgniterBacks won’t let you down or disappoint. If I had to pick one product (containing stills, loops and countdowns) to build my media library, I would purchase the entire set of IgniterBacks.

Igniter's Crazy Summer Special

Igniter summer special

It took a hotdog eating contest to determine what they’d do, but Jeff represented and pulled out a close one with Trent. Since Jeff won the hotdog eating contest you can get a $20 Starbucks giftcard with the purchase of any shippable product over $20 (now through August 12) – that’s a great deal. Even though I’ve got everything Igniter has ever put out, I’m tempted to buy something just for the giftcard.



There is a new site offering design inspiration for church graphic designers and web developers. It’s called Faveup. Check it out!

The Igniter Hookup

It never fails – each conference I teach at, people love the videos produced by Igniter Media Group. At each conference their videos are the favorite of the people in each class. I’ve blogged about them several times. If you don’t have all their resources in your media library, I encourage you to go on an Igniter shopping spree.

For my blog readers (you), you can use the promo code (cviblog07) to receive 20% off anything in the Igniter store (through May 31st). Some of you may not have purchased their latest video volume – Igniter Videos Volume 5. This would be a good time to use the promo code. You could also use it to purchase their brand new Mother’s Day collection. I would suggest purchasing both if you don’t have them.

Igniter Party

Igniter 5 sale

This past Thursday I got to take a break from Easter prep and hang out with several church leaders from around Dallas. We all got together for the Igniter Release Party for Igniter Videos Volume 5 – which is great (and on sale right now). Here’s a pic of the Igniter team – a talented team with a heart for providing the Church with quality resources. I encourage you to get to know them and their resources very well.

Igniter team

ImageVine logo
Sign up for ImageVine’s newsletter and get a bunch of FREE backgrounds!

Books…Lots of Books

Reading – I love it. I feel we should all be constant learners and stretch our minds as much as possible. I love to read and usually am reading multiple books at the same time (some I’m just starting, some I’m halfway through, some I’m almost finished, etc.). Right now my reading pile is heavy, due to books that people have been sending me to read and review.

Not too long ago, I was sent Mark Batterson’s book “In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day” – that book is challenging and inspiring and I’m glad to say I’m halfway through that. Before that I got Terry Storch’s manuscript for “The Blogging Church“. Great book. I’ll do a longer review in the near future. Around the same time as Batterson’s book, I was sent Craig Groeschel’s “Confessions of a Pastor“. I’m just starting it, but I can tell we’re on the same wave-length and this will be a great read. (All 3 books can be found in the column over to the left)

Last week I was sent Phil Cooke’s 2 new books. One is entitled “Creative Christian Media: Secrets of Successful Media Ministry“, the other is entitled “Successful Christian Television“. I started reading his “Creative Christian Media” book and am really enjoying it. I look forward to seeing Phil in a few weeks at NRB/Reach.

This week I received Dave Ferguson’s new book, “The Big Idea” (also in the column over to the left). Dave is the pastor of Community Christian Church which I’ve blogged about before – they are the ones that did the Mac vs. PC parody videos. I love Dave’s heart, his blog and can’t wait to start reading his new book. I’ll write a review about it as soon as I finish it. In the meantime, I can go ahead and safely encourage you to get it – it will be worth your while.

The next book review, which I’m doing for Church Marketing Sucks, is on Jason Moore and Len Wilson’s newest book “Design Matters“. I’ve had this book since it was in manuscript form, but am just now getting around to writing a proper review for it. I recommend that all Church staff read this book. It’s great for those that work in design and communications, but is a wonderful resource to educate and enlighten pastors and worship leaders as to what is good design and what goes in to creating quality visuals.

*Here’s some insider news: Besides loving to read, as you know, I love to write. I’m working on my first book. More info on that in the future.

Digital Juice Jan. special
From time to time I mention the great deals and resources at Digital Juice. To start the New Year off they are going crazy with all kinds of deals. Check their homepage and look at all the specials going on.