Christmas Is Here!

Well, not really, but it’s close. Trust me – it’s never too early to start planning Christmas.

Hillsong Christmas CD

Hillsong Worship just released their new Christmas CD. I’m already working on a new Christmas video (more on that later). I’ve already been meeting with the worship planning team at my church to plan our annual “Christmas to Remember” program. I know that Todd Bell and Prestonwood just finished recording their Christmas CD two weeks ago (they’ll have it ready to roll out in November and be available to their church to give out as gifts to people).

What are you doing to prepare for this fast approaching holiday? For the last 4 years I’ve done a “Christmas Media Review” (which I’ll do again this year). I’m always amazed at how Christmas seems to sneak up on some companies. I’ll email and call them and ask when I can expect to review their Christmas stuff and they end up releasing their Christmas videos or projects in the month of December? December…are you kidding me?

Start working on Christmas yesterday
and have it ready to be available to churches in mid to late October – that’s when they can use it and make plans accordingly.

Start planning yesterday. Dream, friends, dream. Ask what you can do differently this year. How can you celebrate the Christmas season in a new, fresh, relevant and meaningful way? For the many visitors that will visit your church for the first time this Christmas, what will engage them and encourage them to return?

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