Christmas Media Resources 2012

It’s the big week! Many of us are spending all the waking hours prepping for the big day.…

It’s the big week! Many of us are spending all the waking hours prepping for the big day. For me (throughout my nearly 2 decades of ministry), Christmas Eve is like the Super Bowl of church services. We’re doing 3 at my campus this Christmas. We have a great worship experience planned with several surprises. I want to tell you about some of the media resources we’re using.

We’re doing a great opening song (a secular song) to kick things off. Can’t share that with you – it’s a secret. After that we’ll have a welcome given by me. Then we launch into an opening video. This year’s opening video is a brand new one from my friends at Igniter Media. It’s called “The Christmas Scale” and you can watch it here:



After that, our band will play an instrumental intro to a song from the North Point Christmas album (which I’ve been mentioning a lot lately). During that instrumental piece, we will play the video “Let Us Worship Christ” by Centerline New Media. The video will be muted and you’ll just hear our band and see the video. We’ll then launch into North Point’s arrangement of “Joy to the World” – which is the theme of the Igniter video “The Christmas Scale.” The rest of our Christmas Eve service will be special, powerful and full of surprises. It will be fun, meaningful and rememberable for the whole family.

For THIS Sunday, the 23rd, we’re showing two videos. One is an invite video to encourage people to invite someone to our Christmas Eve services. The video we’re using is the “Christmas Invite” video by Steelhouse Media Group. The other video we’re using was the hit of our Christmas Eve service last year. It went viral. It’s “A Social Network Christmas” by Igniter Media. We’re bringing it back this Sunday because our people loved it and we have about a hundred new people this year that have never seen it.

So there you have it. Those are some videos we’re using. What are you doing at your church? I love sharing ideas.