Church 2.0 Dallas is in 2 Days

After over a year of traveling to 15 different cities, I’m finally bringing the Church 2.o tour to my hometown of Dallas, TX. This Thursday, the 23rd we will host another Church 2.0 Local Forum at Fellowship Dallas off Park and 75.

If YOU are in the DFW area or know someone that is, PLEASE consider joining us or inviting someone to attend. You (or they) can register HERE.

Some have asked what goes on at these gatherings (this will be the 16th one I’ve led). The Church 2.0 Local Forum is a true unconference and is very informal/casual, but I’ll give you a little overview of what the day will look like. We’ll go from 10am to 2:30pm.

  • First hour: We’ll discuss new media/technology, specifically Twitter and Facebook and how they can be used for ministry purposes. I’ll share 6 key realities of these new technologies. *** I’ve added 2 since the last one.
  • Second hour: We’ll dive into a huge discussion on the topic of innovation. I’ll share 7 ways that innovation is born and what God is teaching me about innovation. *** I’ve added 2 ways since the last one.
  • We’ll then break for lunch and encourage people to go eat somewhere close by with someone they don’t know and get to know them over lunch.
  • The post-lunch part we’ll discuss social justice/what breaks my heart and the heart of God, as well as have time for Q & A.

Sponsors for Church 2.0 Dallas are:

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