Church 2.0 Local Forums 2008

This journey of traveling the country and meeting with Church and ministry leaders in a given city/region began in May of 2008. Since May, I’ve been to 9 cities and had unbelievable experiences at each.

These Church 2.0 Local Forums have been informal/casual, kind of unconferences where I come with no set agenda or presentation and simply listen and guide conversation. Each city has a different pulse and heart for something they’re passionate about in their region. We talked about innovation, technology and the Church (capital “C”). Here’s where I went this year:

  1. Los Angeles – Host Church: Hollywoood UMC
  2. Chicago – Host Church: Park Community Church
  3. Orange County – Host Church: NewSong Church
  4. Santa Cruz  – Host Church: Santa Cruz Bible Church
  5. Upstate South Carolina – Host Church: SpringWell Church
  6. Atlanta – Host Church: Perimeter
  7. Boston – Host Church: Grace Chapel
  8. Tulsa – Host Church: The Church at BattleCreek
  9. Portland  – Host Church: Portland Foursquare
* Soon I’ll share the line-up of cities for 2009.


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