Church Leadership 101: Lead Like Jesus

A foundational concept and principle for all Church leaders is to lead like Jesus and be a servant leader. If you haven’t already, I’d strongly encourage you to read Ken Blanchard’s book Lead Like Jesus.

I still remember years ago at the Catalyst Conference hearing Andy Stanley speak on being the most powerful person in the room. There are times when you’re in a meeting and you realize you’re the most powerful person in the room. Andy pointed out that when Jesus realized this he took out a towel and basin and began washing the disciples feet.

Another great book to get you pumped up and focused on serving is by my friend, Dino Rizzo. If you haven’t read Servolution yet, I encourage you to get it and read it. At the end of the day, it’s so crucial to realize we’re in this for people – real people – and we’re called to serve them.

One final book suggestion is a book that was foundational in my own ministry. If you haven’t already, get and read (devour) Spiritual Leadership by Henry Blackaby. This book is gold!

One thing my mentor is walking me through is how Jesus responded to situations. After all, this whole concept centers around leading like Jesus would. In order to understand the heart, mind and leadership skills of Christ, all one has to do is read through the Gospels. I know you’ve read them before, but go back and read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John through the lens of leading like Jesus and see if you learn something new and God through the Holy Spirit can open your heart to true servant leadership.

As a leader, is this at the core of who you are? Do you first think to lead like Jesus?

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One thought on “Church Leadership 101: Lead Like Jesus

  1. What about Dag Heward-Mills' "Art of Leadership, 2nd Ed." It's a great tool for any related topic on leadership. In this second edition he highlights various types of leadership as portrayed in the Bible, and many more strategies and arts that can be learned. Remember leadership is not necessarily a gift; it's an art that can be learned. And yes, by anyone 🙂