Secret Shopper

Greg Atkinson

Author | Speaker | Entrepreneur

For the full website on this church secret shopper service, go to Worship Impressions – the premier company for guest services. Click on Get Started to start a conversation about Greg coming to your church.

Did you know that most guests decide whether or not they are going to return to your church in the first 10 minutes? As they say, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. If you’re serious about reaching the lost and creating safe, friendly, welcoming environments where newcomers can encounter the Living God, you should seriously consider investing in a secret shopper service.

Greg Atkinson serves as a secret shopper or mystery worshiper for churches across the nation. Greg has done this service for churches of all sizes – from small church plants to churches over 33,000 in attendance. No matter what size, denomination, or style church you lead, Greg has a Kingdom heart and wants to help you do what you do better.

Greg Atkinson is a writer, conference speaker, and consultant who has worked with churches of all sizes, including some of the largest churches in the country. Greg produced worship services for three different mega-churches, served on a Worship & Arts staff as well as a pastor – all along serving the local church for the last 20 years. Greg also produced several large conferences including Leadership Network Innovation Conference, Catalyst OneDay, and the Rebecca St. James’ SHE Conference.

This service to your church will include an eye on everything from your church’s website and online presence, branding, parking lot, lobby, nursery, facilities, signage, restrooms, the overall feel, and a main focus on the worship experience including music, technology/media, and preaching. How comprehensive and thorough is Greg’s work? The last report he did for a church was a 125-page report. Greg notices things you’d never think of or have grown too familiar with. See below for quotes from Church leaders that have used Greg’s services as a secret shopper.

So, you want to make guests a priority at your church and you’re asking the big question: How much will it cost? Each church and situation are different. Greg bases his costs according to the length of stay, the size of the church, and travel involved. Contact Greg for questions about pricing for consulting.

Your church can have a trained professional with a heart for all kinds of churches come into your church and critique, encourage and challenge your team. Feedback will be given in a meeting via a phone or video conference call at a later date. For more information and to book the Secret Shopper, please contact Greg at or fill out the Get Started form.

For the past decade, Greg has consulted with the largest and fastest-growing churches in the country – each and every year.

From the latest Top 100 listings from Outreach Magazine, Greg consulted with two of the Top 5 fastest-growing churches in the US (Bayside at #1 and Radiant at #4).

Greg has also consulted with numerous churches on the Top 100 Largest Churches list, including 3 of the Top 7.