Colts and Top Ten Marketing Podcasts

Colts win! Colts win! What a game! I’m happy for Peyton Manning and Tony Dungy. It was the…

Colts win! Colts win! What a game! I’m happy for Peyton Manning and Tony Dungy. It was the largest comeback in AFC or NFC Championship history. I was proud of Coach Tony

Dungy when he said the game was won in such a way that the Lord receives all the credit. I knew Tony was a strong believer and couldn’t be happier for him. I was shocked when the CEO and Owner of the Colts gave glory to God for the win. Wow – and the Bears won, too. It’s going to be a great Super Bowl.

Guy Kawasaki just came across a list of the top ten (actually 11) marketing podcasts and shared it on his blog.

1. Seth Godin, marketing expert, author. States that small is the new big. People need to target audiences of 4 not 400. Told marketers he feels they have the biggest opportunity in at least thirty years to make an impact given social media.
2. Robert Scoble, blogger and vice president of media development for PodTech. Talks about how blogging has evolved and why it is important for corporations to blog today.
3. Peter Rojas, co-founder and editor of Engadget, one of the most popular blogs on technology today. Discusses the publication, its strategy and how to best contact editors for the publication.
4. Phillip Bodzenta, director of global communications for Coke. Describes how Coke used bloggers to build audience during the World Cup. Shows pictures of bloggers at the World Cup.
5. Sharon Wienbar, managing director, Scale Venture Partners (formerly BA Venture Partners) on what is hot/ not in social media venture investing.
6. Pete Blackshaw, chief marketing officer of Nielsen Buzzmetrics, talks about how to measure social media.
7. Steve Rubel, senior vice president of Edelman Public Relations. Speaks to how social media is impacting the practice of public relations.
8. Dick Costello, chief executive officer of Feedburner. He speaks about how to get blogging and podcasting content is found and distributed.
9. Bill Kircos, head of consumer and enterprise media for Intel. Describes how Intel implements social media programs, most specifically, podcasting.
10. Kelly Wagman, head of customer relationship marketing for Juniper Networks. Talks about how Juniper used social media to build a community.
11. Ross Mayfield, CEO of Socialtext, a wiki company. Describes wikis and how they are best used in marketing.

Today is the first day I teach on worship leadership at Dallas Theological Seminary. I’d appreciate your prayers.