Do You Do Drugs?

Energy drinks

Got your attention? I’m talking about caffeine – a very real and potentially dangerous drug. Don’t think it’s a drug? Try cutting out caffeine for a week and see how you feel. You’ll actually go through withdrawal symptons. If you get your daily Starbucks on, I dare you to cut it out for a week and see how your body feels. Want to hear a crazy new statistic? Here you go: More than 500 new energy drinks launched worldwide this year. That’s right – 500 this year! Read the full article HERE.

On Halloween night I went to Christ for the Nations, where worship leader, Jason Upton led worship – it was awesome. Today I’m speaking at their worship conference on “Resources for Media Ministry” and “Planning Multi-sensory Worship” – looking forward to that.

The Work of the People has a new FREE download called “The Armor of God”. I dig it. You might, too.

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