Do You Know Your Audience?

Each place I’m asked to speak, the first question I ask is, “Who’s my audience?” Each week when I plan worship with our worship pastor, we talk about the people we’re expecting to show up and we ALWAYS think of lost people. We are super aware that lost people attend our services. We base a lot of our philosophy and practice off of books and resources like Andy Stanley’s Deep and Wide. We are ever-mindful of people far from God and try to always keep them in mind when we plan, preach, announce and create. Do you?

This guy obviously doesn’t! When I first saw this video clip I was speechless. How could anyone talk like that to people in church? Do you think lost people would return to this church after this outburst? Do you think they ever want to return to any church again? What does this make people think of pastors and Christians? This is really in the Westboro Baptist category. I’m not going to bash this preacher or say anything negative about him. I’ll simply say I’m praying for him to get help and live out GRACE. What are your thoughts?

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