DVDs for Shut-ins

I came across this announcement from a church and thought it was pretty admirable and noteworthy. Most churches are upgrading from tapes to CDs and from VHS video to DVD. This is a cool way to allow those on the receiving end to upgrade with you. We all have either have an extra/cheap DVD player that we can give away (I just sold one on Craig’s list for $10) or we could buy a cheap one and donate it to the cause. This may not fall in some people’s cutting edge/innovative idea category, but I dig it and applaud them for their ministry to those that can’t get out. Aren’t we called to provide for the widows and the weak?


Picking up on the topic of service audio and video recording, there are lots of things to consider (including copyright issues). Anthony Coppedge and I are going to be addressing this on our new podcast: Creative Synergy. Subscribe today!

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