Easter Perspective

This Easter was different and in a good way. Usually over the past two decades of local church…


This Easter was different and in a good way. Usually over the past two decades of local church ministry, I’ve worked 80 and 90 hour weeks leading up to Easter Sunday. I’ve done Maundy Thursday services, Good Friday services, Easter Sunrise services, Passion Plays, and multiple Easter worship experiences. I’ve produced countless services, videos, stage sets and highly attractional services.

This year was wonderful. I had no stress leading up to Easter. I spent quality time with my family. I was with my family Sunday morning as they looked through their Easter baskets. I worshiped our Risen Savior and enjoyed fellowship with dear friends.

I saw someone on Facebook post the day before Easter that most churches would double in attendance and then be back to normal numbers the following week. I’ve been there. Last year at my campus, we had over 800 people show up and then were back down to 400 the next week. There’s a lesson there somewhere. 🙂

I’m enjoying this season of life as I’m engaged in both a church plant for the unchurched and involved in a missional community with friends and neighbors. I’m much more focused on discipleship and seeing people grow in their faith. I used to be focused on pulling off a good production and seamless transitions and media cues. I’m not dogging any of that, but I’ve got to admit: I really enjoyed being away from all that pressure and production and showiness.

I’ve found my passion writing, speaking, consulting, equipping and training big “C” Church leaders and helping the Kingdom advance. I’m also passionate about getting to know my neighbors and friends in the community where I live. I’m reading all sorts of missional books to stretch and challenge my thinking, and I love it. This is a sweet season of life and ministry.

How was your Easter? As Editor of Christian Media Magazine, I’m curious as to how you used media leading up to Easter weekend (social media, promotion, website, etc.) and during your Easter worship experiences (videos, music, etc.). Please share on here or email me what you did at your church. I’ll be sharing some stories on CMM.