Encouraging Weekend

Yesterday was “Senior Sunday” at Bent Tree. We have 2 morning services right now and across the entire stage were 2 different groups of high school seniors for each service. Our music was led by our senior high youth band and they did a great job.

For our weekly Wednesday night rehearsal, I had invited the youth tech crew to come and hang out (they’re always welcome anyways, but are usually serving during that time). They came and hung out with our Sunday team and explored “the big room”.

One very bright young man (he’ll steal my job one day – which is a good thing) asked how he could grow in the area of technology. One of the answers I gave him was to read, read, read. I constantly read: online, magazines, books, etc.

He asked if I had any magazines that I could give him. I laughed and said, “Come to my office!” I loaded that dude up with one of every magazine I read. He had a handful. I hope they actually get read – if so, the sky is the limit for that young man.

We survived the Atkinson family camping trip. We got a few bug bites, but all is well and we made it back safe and sound. My campfire ghost story – “The Marshmallow Man” was the highlight of my kids’ trip. That makes me smile. For pics and more, check out my wife’s blog HERE. Yes, my wife blogs, too, for all you moms out there.

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