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SS Facing the Giants

In an earlier blog I mentioned the new movie “Facing the Giants“, which was put out by a church in Georgia. I’ve been in touch with the church’s Media Pastor, Alex Kendrick, who wrote, directed and stars in the movie as the Head Football Coach. Alex told me that the movie releases Sept. 29 on 400 screens. The previews that I’ve seen of the movie look great and very inspirational. I hope you and your church members will make an effort to see and support this movie when it hits theaters the end of this month.

FYI – Anthony Coppedge and I are starting a new podcast called: Creative Synergy. We’ll be playing an interview with Alex Kendrick for our second podcast. This week, Anthony and I (along with Shawn Wood – Communications Pastor at Seacoast Church) will be speaking on “Creative Synergy” at MinistryCOM in Phoenix.

SermonSpice is offering video clips from the new movie. You can get all 8 films for just $39.95 (or $20 each). Check them out!

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