Fair and Balanced?

Do you ever get sick of the bias from most media outlets? Are you not aware of it…

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Do you ever get sick of the bias from most media outlets? Are you not aware of it or don’t buy in to the all the hype?
The problem may be that of ignorance (you simply don’t realize what’s happening).

Bias is real and happens everyday. Dan Rather didn’t mess up just once and then lose his job. Rather has been biased for years and just happened to make a big enough mistake that his network couldn’t turn a blind eye anymore. I came across the MRC Action organization a little while back and have been meaning to blog about it. It’s a website worth checking out.

Bias book

A few years ago I read the book “Bias: A CBS Insider Exposes How the Media Distort the News”. This book was a huge eye-opener for me. When the book came out, Dan Rather got ticked at author Bernard Goldberg and stopped speaking to him after years of their supposed friendship. Please know I’m not pushing an agenda or a certain political party. I’m just pointing you to resources that can counter ignorance and shed some light on a very real subject. Take my challenge: read the book and then share your thoughts with me.

Tim Stevens, in his LeadingSmart blog, recently talked about various TV shows and how they portray Christians. He commented on how “Friday Night Lights”, which I recently raved about, portrays genuine, nice, normal people that happen to be Christians. He contrasted that with the new Christian character on “ER”. Why is she such a freak? She turns me off and I’m a Christian! I wish Hollywood would recognize and promote that there are normal, down-to-earth Christians. Many are actually very cool and fun to be around. Want to see what some of my friends look like? Take a peek below…

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Above are some of my best friends from high school and college. I’m excited that the old crew is in town tonight. They are in a Tooth and Nail band called Emery. These fellas look rough, but really do have a heart for God and reaching youth. They’re Christians in a band, but not a Christian band. Know what I mean? Believe it or not, the bass player and the lead singer and I were in a barbershop quartet! Everytime they’re in town we get together and hang out.

Tonight I’m bringing 4 friends with me to see them play the Nokia Theatre (the best venue in town) in Grand Prairie. They’re playing with Relient K, so that’s a double blessing. Should be a fun night. One of my favorite Emery songs was recently featured on the TV show “Prison Break“. You can watch that song’s video on Myspace (Where it was one of their featured videos. It was also featured on Relevant Magazine’s website – where it was their #1 video on RelevantTV).

Their new DVD is coming out soon. For a sneak peek, look at the trailer for their new DVD HERE. Want to enter their video contest? Watch the trailer HERE.